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We offer all kinds of textured business cards locally in Australia,includes Black Paper Business cards,Kraft Paper Business Cards and Metallic Pearl Paper Business Cards.Textured Paper really appeal to the touch and when you hand your business card to your clients they are sure to be tempted to give your business card a feel or two..

1. Smooth White 350gsm Paper Business Cards
Smooth White is one of our most popular uncoated papers. Smooth surface and quality bright white surface makes it the perfect choice for your design. Uncoated finish make it can be written on with pens. 

2. Classic Linen 250gsm Paper Business Cards
Classic Linen is a sensible paper characterized by a subtle, calm grid woven fabric pattern, and the material has a sturdy  surface with a soft color.

3. Classic Eggshell 300gsm Paper Business Cards
Eggshell White is an acid free, slightly textured bright white archival quality paper with a toothy finish. It is available in  300gsm card. It is also the ideal choice for party / wedding invitations, stationery, brochures and annual reports.

4. Classic Textured 300gsm Paper Business Cards
Classic Textured Paper is is a premium white colored textured paper. The surface is white and embossed unevenly. This  texture gives a sense of volume with the uneven embossing and portrays the tactile sensation of a finely woven fabric.

5. Black Uncoated 400gsm Paper Business Cards
Uncoated Black Cards business cards have a wonderful fibrous feel to them. These cards are solid black paper through  and through. Due to the nature of printing on a black surface, all printing must be done in foils. Foils come in a variety  of beautiful colors, both matte and reflective, that pop on the black surface of the card. Foils can be placed on both  sides of the card.

6. Kraft Paper (Brown) 300gsm Paper Business Cards
The Kraft Paper (Brown) has a matte beige/brown economical ‘recycled-look’, made from 300gsm Brown Kraft paper.

7. Metallic & Pearl (Ice White) 300gsm Paper Business Cards
Metallic & Pearl Ice White is a fine quality white metallic pearlescent paper with iridescent shimmering metal-effect      alloys. 

8. Metallic & Pearl (Star Gold) 250gsm Paper Business Cards
Metallic & Pearl (Star Gold) is a fine quality metallic paper with subtle gold iridescent shimmering metal-effect alloys.

9. Metallic & Pearl (Star Silver) 250gsm Paper Business Cards
Metallic & Pearl (Star Silver) is a white quality metallic paper with subtle silver iridescent shimmering metal-effect      alloys